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iMouse - Interactive Cat Toy

iMouse - Interactive Cat Toy

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Futuristic Technology, Today

Step into the future with the iMouse, a cutting-edge 3-wheel robot cat toy that blends sleek design with advanced features like obstacle avoidance and collision detection. Its intelligent technology ensures a seamless experience, making it feel like you're controlling the best cat toy from tomorrow. Stay ahead of the curve and impress your peers with an interactive cat toy that embodies the future of remote controlled and automatic cat toys, all accessible in the palm of your hand.

Sleek, Stylish, Sophisticated

The compact and stylish design of the iMouse interactive cat toy features a 3-wheel setup, resembling a real mouse with a rod and loop tail. It also comes with a feather accessory that can be easily attached for added fun. The user-friendly feather attachment system ensures a quick and secure connection. With precision crafting and engineering, this electronic cat toy offers smooth maneuverability. Use the remote control to pilot it manually or set it on autopilot for unpredictable and entertaining movements, guaranteeing hours of fun. Elevate your leisure time with this robotic companion that adds excitement and joy, making the iMouse interactive cat toy a must-have for your entertainment collection.

Triple the Fun:

The iMouse interactive cat toy provides both manual and autopilot control, giving you the option to either directly control or sit back and relax while it entertains your cats. With a simple push of a button, you can effortlessly switch between modes to suit your preferences. It also has a sleep mode that activates with a touch, making it perfect for remotely guiding your cats or keeping them occupied while you're occupied.

3 Modes

Control Bliss - Remote Controlled

The iMouse interactive cat toy comes with a remote controller for effortless navigation and control with a range of over 60 feet. The remote offers intuitive buttons for direction control, making it accessible for loving cat owners of all skill levels. This feature provides a convenient and cat owner-friendly experience, allowing precise control over the iMouse's movements.

Obstacle Whisperer - Autopilot

Discover a world of seamless and effortless navigation with the iMouse interactive cat toy and its cutting-edge collision detection technology. With innovative sensors that detect obstacles and respond quickly, you can trust that your automatic cat toy and its surroundings are always protected. Get ready to go on adventures with confidence, as your iMouse can handle any environment with ease.

Cat-Activated Fun - 5-min Sleep

No more switching on your iMouse interactive cat toy every time your feline friends are ready to play! Thanks to its wake-up feature, the automatic cat toy responds to your cat's touch and instantly switches back to autopilot mode to resume the fun. Plus, if your cat hasn't played with the iMouse in 5 minutes, it will automatically activate sleep mode, saving you battery life without any extra effort!


Flip Master: Non-Stop Play

The iMouse interactive cat toy is designed to effortlessly flip over on its own, preventing any interruptions during playtime. With state-of-the-art sensors and motors, your interactive cat toy can detect when it has flipped over and easily get back to its upright position. This feature ensures uninterrupted play, giving both the cat owner and their beloved feline companion a worry-free experience. The iMouse is the best cat toy for dynamic and engaging cat entertainment.

Clean Wheels, Happy Cats

The iMouse's large wheels are easily removable for convenient cleaning of cat hair and debris. This thoughtful design of this top rated cat toy promotes hygiene and prolongs the product's lifespan, ensuring optimal performance. Simply detach, clean, and reattach the wheels for hassle-free maintenance. With the iMouse interactive cat toy, cat owners can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable playtime with their beloved feline friends. This fun cat toy is a durable and convenient choice for pet entertainment.

Hassle-Free, Always Ready

Enjoy the ultimate in convenience with the iMouse's USB-C rechargeable battery, eliminating the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. Simply connect the USB-C cable for fast and reliable recharging, ensuring your electronic cat toy is always ready for action. Embrace a stress-free experience and save on recurring costs, making your robot cat toy not just a gadget but a smart investment in hassle-free entertainment.

Size, Weight, Material


  • iMouse - Interactive Cat Toy Dimensions: 2.91"x2.64"x1.73" (7.4cmx6.7cmx4.4cm)
  • Remote Control Dimensions: 1.61"x0.63"x4.53" (4.1cmx1.6cmx115cm)


  • iMouse -Interactive Cat Toy Weight: 3.35oz (95g)
  • Remote Control Weight: 1.48oz  (42g) 


  • iMouse - Interactive Cat Toy: ABS/Silicone
  • Remote Control: ABS/Silicone
  • Rechargeable Battery: Polymer lithium battery
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • Charging Voltage: 5V/1A (5W)
  • Remote Battery Type: CR2032 coin battery (included)

Package Contents

Package Comes With:

  • iMouse - Interactive Cat Toy (x1)
  • Hoop Robot Mouse Tail (x1)
  • Feather Accessory (x1)
  • Remote Control (x1)
  • USB-C Power Cable (x1)
  • 300mAh Lipo Battery (x1)
  • Remote Control Battery (x1)



We Know Cats

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iMouse Interactive Cat Toy, Surrounded by Cats, Automatic Cat Toy Being Chased


Autopilot & Manual Modes

Whether you want your cat to be entertained or become the entertainer, the iMouse gives you full control. Easily switch between autopilot and manual modes.

iMouse Interactive Cat Toy, Left Side Held in Cat Owner Hands, Cyan Blue Mist Robot Cat Toy Variant, USB-C Rechargeable Battery Port


USB-C Rechargeable

Batteries are a thing of the past with this toy from the future. Rapidly recharge your iMouse in no time with your complimentary USB-C power cable.

iMouse Interactive Cat Toy, Right Side View, Wheel Removed For Easy Cleaning, Cyan Blue Mist Robot Cat Toy Variant


Removable Wheels

The iMouse is designed for cats and built to last. Easily clean the wheels and motors, thanks to the iMouse's removable wheels.

  • iMouse Interactive Cat Toy and White Cat, View of Automatic Cat Toy Underneath a Cat, Cyan Blue Mist Robot Cat Toy Variant

    Smart Pathing

    Intelligently responds to your cat's movements, staying unpredictable and fun every session!

  • iMouse Interactive Cat Toy and Remote Control, Close Up of Remote Control, Robot Cat Toy in Background

    Intuitive Controls

    The iMouse sure is smart but the controls are simple - so easy that even little ones can join in!

  • iMouse Interactive Cat Toy View Of Two Kittens Playing With The Best Cat Toy For Kittens

    Cat Activated

    Switches to sleep mode after 5 mins of inactivity, and wakes up when pawed!

  • iMouse Interactive Cat Toy And Two Cats Playing, Automatic Cat Toy Entertaining Cats, View From Above

    Autopilot Cat Sitter

    Keep your cat company all day long with iMouse and say good-bye to lonely work days!

  • iMouse Interactive Cat Toy Flips Over Automatic Cat Toy, View From Above

    Auto-flips Back Up

    With its onboard sensors, the iMouse is designed to be hunted and get right back up - automatically!

  • iMouse Interactive Cat Toy and White Cat and Furniture, Automatic Cat Toy Avoids Obstacles With Smart Pathing, Cyan Blue Mist Robot Cat Toy Variant

    Obstacle Avoidance

    iMouse can detect obstacles and collisions, changing it's pathing dynamically through any environment!

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